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  1. Phyllomedusa. Maryland. Amphibian Worship This Area Will Be Confirmed With Rambunctious Calls Or Through Physical Combat.
  2. Nov 21,  · If we retain lots of thick white clouds (NOT of sulfuric acid, of course) to reflect a lot of light, and lower carbon dioxide levels enough, we might create warm but acceptable temperatures (around K) all over the planet. If such an atmosphere alone wasn't enough, add some equatorial rings of mirrors (a simpler version of option 3).
  3. I recently downloaded the anniversary edition of Oni and am loving it. The only problem is I can't get full screen to work.. I am currently playing on Windows Vista with administrator and compatibility modes activated but full screen simply won't work.
  4. Aug 03,  · I don't know if I'd call it lifestyle creep, but over a period of time I just was worn out with the constant penny pinching and dithering over a box of Raisin Bran and a cost difference of $ I can afford these little luxuries so "why not"?
  5. Mar 06,  · As not everything members want to write is of an erotic and/or MC nature, or even prose, this is place to post those fictional creations. It's for other-type stories, posting poetry (our own, or other writer's poems which have moved us), song lyric parodies, contests relating to any of these writing types, and just generally any sort of fictional writing that doesn't belong in "Mesmerisingly.
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  7. Mar 14,  · Originally posted by MyAdviceIha A little off-topic, but a few years back, a girl I talked to online wanted to send me a package for me to keep for a few days/weeks and then wanted me to send it back to her. i was instructed not to open the package and to hide it and tell no one I had it. well, i opened it to see what was in it. it was an art book of Chris Fabian's. it had sketches she had.