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  1. Now that I've had an entire year to listen to Craig's Brother's The Insidious Lie, I find I enjoy it even more than when it was first released. It is not absolutely perfect (not many things are), and I can and will articulate its minuscule flaws, but overall, it is a record of considerable depth.
  2. Craig's Brother followed the release The Insidious Lie with a few California shows and a European tour. In Fall Craig's Brother released a compilation of 10 of Associated acts: Yellowcard, Inspection 12, Too .
  3. Mar 08,  · Lucky for Craig’s Brother and the rest of you readers, I was able to solve that problem with an extra dose of Caffeine and some Insidious Lie tuneage. So let’s begin this.. I’ve been a fan of Craig’s Brother as long as I can remember.
  4. Ronnie Slithers is Craig's long lost brother who appears in the episode "A Tail of Two Slithers". He is extremely rich, as he is the owner of a company called International Shovel which produces snake-killing shovels. He explains to Craig, " Nobody really likes snakes." He uses the money he makes to find Craig through his microchip. Once he finds Craig, he takes him away and brainwashes him to.
  5. Chase Tremaine Bryan Gray of The Blamed Gets Interviewed by Movie Geek Feed Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 Rusty Shipp VEAUX Goes Behind the Scenes on New Single Stephen Christian of Anberlin Joshua Clifton from Ravenhill Captain the Sky Indie Vision Music Presents: Video Interview With Gage of To Speak of Wolves from Uprise Fest James Nicholls of ISF Carlos Batista of Antidemon Stefan .
  6. Crutch Lyrics: I guess it's beyond the point of anger / You and your doppelganger / Have been up to your tricks again / But this time the blame doesn't lie with the evil twin / The fact that you.